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Babies and younger children crave soft, silky fabrics and also become incredibly attached to comforting items. Psychologists all agree that this tendency is very healthy for the development of happy, well adjusted children 
  • double sided satin blanket is irresistibly silky yet durable.
  • high quality embroidery that creates the features of an adorable animal provide visual interest for children to explore.
  • the manageable size makes a terrific light covering for a car seat, but it can still be wadded up to fit in a small pocket for easy transport
  • fabric has been tested to meet or exceed flammability standards for both bedding and clothing, so parents can rest assured their child will be snuggling up to something safe
  • 100% polyester satin washes and dries beautifully. 
  • Sleep Silkies measure 18"x24"
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Cuddle Silkie Elephant Cuddle Silkie Panda Cuddle Silkie Monkey
cuddle cape snowprincess cuddle cape snowprincess cuddle cape snowprincess
Cuddle Silkie Tortoise Cuddle Silkie Otter
cuddle cape snowprincess cuddle cape snowprincess