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Eenee Adjustable Waterproof Pants

Adjustable Waterproof Swimming Pants for
Babies and Toddlers
Waterproof swimming pants for babies and
toddlers. Helps contain accidents while swimming.
Secure adjustable fasteners with waterproof but
breathable fabric, available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

No disposable pad insert is required.

Eenee® Swimmers fasten at the back with a
unique velcro design providing a neat non chaffing fit.
The elastic holds the leg opening snug without pinching
or cutting into your child's soft skin.
Eenee® Swimmers have a special inner section to
help contain accidents.
Size Month Weight Kgs
Small: 0-1 3-12 13-20 9
Medium: 1-2 12-24 20-26 12
Nowa Li Suspender Tights

90% cotton, 5% Lycra and 5% Spandex An adorable tight for your sweet little thing. Goes with everything!
With the suspenders more comfortable than ever!
Protect a Bub Baby Sun Hat

Protect your little one's head with a Protect-a-Bub reversible swim hat.
These reversible swim hats have a UPF 50+ rating, and are sure to add some FUN to sun safety for your children.

  • lightweight
  • fast drying
  • bright colors
  • Pediatrician Recommended
Small fits 6 months - 2years, head size 16" - 18.5"
Medium fits 3 years - 4 years, head size18.5" - 20.5"
Large fits 4 years - 7 years, head size 20.5" - 22.5"
BabyPaws Baby Shoes: Amanda Cream

Elastix Blue With Flower

ParTee Navy

ParTee Ivory

"HOP" Kangaroo Fur Booties size 0-6 months

Keeps Baby's footsies warm!
HOP Kangaroo Fur Moccasins can be hand-washed and air dried.

Kangaroo Fur Background

Of the 48 species of Kangaroo in Australia, only 5 are commercially harvested. The population fluctuates between 15-35 million depending on seasonal conditions.

The Kangaroo does not have a natural predator.

Kangaroos are now more common than ever. This growth in population has arisen due to the increased food and water supply from the activities of the pastoral industry.

The Kangaroo industry generates in excess of A$200 million in income and employs over 4000 people. The bulk of this employment is in remote rural communities, many of which would not exist without the industry.

The industry plays a key role in controlling the grazing pressure in the range lands. The Kangaroo population would be 30-40% higher if the industry did not exist.

This would threaten the sustainability of these regions and potentially result in extensive desertification.

All hides used in Hop products are sourced under the strict guidelines of the Government and Environment Australia.

Source: Csiro Kangaroo Industry Assoc.

Elastix Red

Elastix Pink With Flower