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Children love blankets. A Cuddle Cape by KIDEAPOLIS is a square fleece blanket that is the perfect size for a baby to lie on or a toddler to wrap up in. What makes it special is the integrated hood and pockets, the durable satin applique and embroidery.

It is a blanket that can also be worn as a cape, for imaginative play or just to stay cozy. Comfort and entertainment blend together in this wonderful companion to warm, nurture, calm and amuse at preschool, nap-time, for car trips or just to cuddle on the couch.

Cuddle Capes are 100% polyester fleece and satin and measure 36" X 36" in size.
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Cuddle Blanket Tortoise Cuddle Blanket Otter Cuddle Blanket Monkey
cuddle cape tortoise cuddle cape tortoise cuddle cape monkey
Cuddle Blanket Snowprincess Cuddle Blanket Purploy Cuddle Blanket Blueboo
cuddle cape snowprincess cuddle cape snowprincess cuddle cape snowprincess
 White Snow Princess with a Silver Satin Cape and Crown.  Purple Baby Alien with Puffy Purple Hands and 3 Eyes.  Royal Blue Friendly Ghost with a White Satin Patch.
Cuddle Blanket Greegrum Cuddle Blanket Panda
cuddle cape snowprincess cuddle cape panda
 Strong Brave Green Tree with Green Leaf Hair, and Brown Limbs.