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Eenee Adjustable Waterproof Pants
Eenee Adjustable Waterproof Pants

Adjustable Waterproof Swimming Pants for
Babies and Toddlers
Waterproof swimming pants for babies and
toddlers. Helps contain accidents while swimming.
Secure adjustable fasteners with waterproof but
breathable fabric, available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.

No disposable pad insert is required.

Eenee® Swimmers fasten at the back with a
unique velcro design providing a neat non chaffing fit.
The elastic holds the leg opening snug without pinching
or cutting into your child's soft skin.
Eenee® Swimmers have a special inner section to
help contain accidents.
Size Month Weight Kgs
Small: 0-1 3-12 13-20 9
Medium: 1-2 12-24 20-26 12