PinkAndBlueKid LLC offers a variety of great quality baby products such as soft soled leather baby shoes from PlatyPaws, BabyPaws, Soft Star Shoe
and the Swedish Nowa Li baby socks and Nowa Li moccasins. Check out our site for regular sales!
We offer baby and children's like baby down comforters and children down comforters and pillows, as well as children's duvet covers,
made in Europe, mainly in Scandinavia.
Concerned about product safety? Our PlatyPaws and BabyPaws shoes are chromium (VI)-free and pass all known specifications for
formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and glutaraldehude, including those for baby clothes (the strictest).
Not only did they pass the US ASTM Standard F 963, but also the very stringet European Standard EN 71-3 test.
All down comforters and down pillows featured at have received the highly respected
European Oeko-Tex 100/1000 rating, a standard of environmental sustainability and care for the consumer. The entire lines
of feather bedding are documented to be free of harmful chemicals and additives, and are allergen-free - a big plus for people
with dust mite allergy.
Soft Star Shoes: Only formaldehyde-free leathers and suedes are used which meet the highest safety standards both for the customers
and the environment. Many popular shoes brands call their leathers "eco leather" bit it's still formaldehyde tanned. In the workshop
of Soft Star Shoes no dangerous dyes or chemicals are used. They reuse, recycle and renew wherever possible. Check-out vegan
shoes for babies, children and adults!
If you are looking for a baby shower gift, or a present for a birthday, baby gear or just for fun things for children: enjoy our site!
Our products are mainly made in Australia, Europe and in the USA.
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