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Why is it so important for my child to wear Baby Paws® baby shoes?

Beginning in 1985, Baby Paws's concern for health, safety and comfort has always been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of the shoes. Baby Paws adhere to internationally accepted standards, and uses only top grade safe leather, suede, and other components in their shoes.

Baby Paws shoes are carefully handcrafted by mothers who understand the importance of quality and safety. They share our commitment to ensure that you and your baby get the best product and value for your hard-earned money.

Shoes and the Foot.

As a baby’s foot develops up to early childhood, it is vital for the “soft bone” cartilage, tissue, muscles, and nerves to have enough room to grow safely without restriction. When the infant stands up and takes its first tentative steps, the muscles in its feet begin to grip the floor and the toes separate to help it develop better balance and control. If the feet are restrained within a rigid or hard soled shoe, the toes cannot function as required. The muscles of the foot and ankle cannot develop the strength and flexibility necessary to support the child, and the vital flow of blood is restricted.

Baby Paws recognizes experts’ opinion that a baby does not need shoes for its feet to develop properly. Shoes are worn for protection, comfort and for dressing up, and must be light and flexible on the foot.

Our health and safety features are unsurpassed by any footwear manufacturer worldwide.

Flexible Non-Slip Soft Soles.

Baby Paws shoes were amongst the first to have soles that are non-slip, soft, flat and flexible enough to ensure unhindered movement of the feet. The single layer of high quality leather or suede gives your baby’s feet the opportunity to “feel” the shape of the floor as it learns to stand and walk. The soft sole also ensures that the shoes are light, thereby avoiding unnecessary weight on the feet and ankles, and helps prevent stumbling and falling. Hard soled shoes, or shoes with multiple layers of leather or foam may falsely appear to be safe. Apart from restricting the ability to "feel" the floor, they may also cause the child to trip and fall.

Fit is critically important.

For safety sake, and for correct foot development, it is important that shoes can be gently fastened just tight enough to stay on and to give your child sufficient “wiggle room” without hindering the development of the foot.

The shoes must be easy to safely fit and remove without harming the baby's feet. Shoes which are too big will twist and lose shape whilst being worn.

You should control the fit of the shoe by adjusting the fastening of the Velcro or the laces.

Your child’s feet are growing all the time. It is extremely important that his or her shoes can be adjusted for proper fit as the feet grow over the weeks and months that the shoes are worn.

It is unhealthy for a foot to be kept in the same shoe without adjustment all day. Feet tend to expand a little during the day. They also expand when the temperature is warmer.

Importantly, Baby Paws shoes, except for one style, offer either a Velcro type fastener, or laces. The Velcro type fastener is of the highest quality, and the laces are long enough to allow for a double knot.

Our shoes are designed and constructed as Shoes in the true sense of the word.

We do not market the “slipper” type shoe with an elasticated ankle which is so common in the market place. These cheaply made shoes often have differing ankle widths between shoes in the same pair, as well as differing widths and shapes from one pair to another. They cannot be properly adjusted to correctly fit each individual foot.

Be careful of shoes in packaging which bears messages such as "keep toes clear of elastic when fitting".

 Correct Sizing.

Because we recognise that feet differ in size and shape, Baby Paws shoes are not only adjustable and easy to fit, but we also have an efficient range of sizes from size 0 for newborns up to size 6 for the 18 to 24 month old toddlers.

Up to 18 months of age, each Baby Paws size accommodates a 3 month age bracket. This ensures that shoes are safe to wear and are never too big and too heavy for the foot.

Some baby shoe manufacturers have a 6 month age bracket for each size. It is inconceivable to believe that a 2 week old and 6 month old baby would wear the same size shoe! From about 18 months, a 6 month size gap is acceptable.

 Quality Leather.

The leather used in Baby Paws shoes is not too thick or too thin, and it has a gently brushed suede surface on the inside of the shoe. This aids comfort and absorption of perspiration and helps to prevent irritation from the movement of the foot. Because the leather “breathes,” it keeps the feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Our Nappa leather is specially made for us to our specifications. Unlike many other brands, we do not use leather offcuts from other applications.

 Safe Leather and Components.

Our leather and components are non-toxic and are tested to ensure that they comply with standards such as the British and European Standard EN71-3, ASTM International Standard ASTM F 963-07and ASTM E1645, and also the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO/TS 17226:2003(E) and ISO 17075.

Our products pass the toxicity tests for substances such as Chromium VI,  Formaldehyde, Lead and Nickel content.

Your child's safety is important. Always examine shoes before buying in retail shops. Avoid shoddy made shoes found in packaging that does not show the manufacturer or supplier's physical address and contact details. The sewing and general appearance of the shoes must be neat and consistent, and the country of origin should have a reputation for producing safe baby products.

Packaging should clearly indicate whether the shoes are made from leather or other material. Packaging and shoes are often clevery designed in order to give the false impression that the shoes are made from leather. If the packaging is unclear, look for a label inside the shoe. If the label inside the shoe is not easy to see - ask yourself why.

 Lightweight construction.

Baby Paws shoes are the next best thing to barefoot. The styles have all been designed to ensure that the shoes are as light as possible so that your baby’s feet are comfortable and will not be permanently damaged by carrying unnecessary excess weight during the important formative years.

Easy to Clean

The high quality leather is easy to clean with water and mild soap

Baby Paws shoes are recommended by Podiatrists and Pediatricians worldwide.


Let your child’s first steps develop naturally!