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Sizes for BabyPaws Shoes:

It is always a good idea to order the shoes Ĺ" larger than the foot in order to have room for the feet to grow.

If you need help we will be happy to help you chose the sight size or style, please contact us!

The PlatyPaws shoe styles wary a little in sizes, the size chart should be on the small end of the scale.

Age Group
Shoe Length in Inches
Shoe Sizes USA
Foot Length in cm
0-3 Mo.
10 cm
3-6 Mo.
4 1/3 "
11 cm
6-12 Mo.
4 3/4 "
12 cm
10-16 Mo.
12.5 cm
12-18 Mo.
5 3/8"
13.5 cm
18-24 Mo.
5 1/2 "
14.5 cm

How do I determine what size to order?

The best way to determine the size of shoe to order is to first measure the size of the child's foot. We the best way to do that is to place a piece of blank paper on the floor (preferably a hard surface, like tiles or hardwood). If possible, have your child stand on the paper. Put a pencil mark at the heel and one at the longest toe. Using a standard ruler, measure the distance between the two marks.

One caution - if you plan on putting socks on your child when they wear the shoes, it is best to measure their foot in socks. If you do not, you will need to take into account a little bit of extra room in order to accommodate the material in the socks.

The approximate ages noted above are a guide only. It is best to measure your child's foot to determine the size.

If you would like help in choosing the right size, please contact us: 877-752-8979.