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Pinkandbluebebe and Platypaws were founded by two single mothers Bettina Rasmussen, a web designer and Amy Browne, an import professional, in 2001. Renate Craft, a long time sales executive, took over the company in 2007. The new website was launched in January 2008.

Many of our products have taken us a long time and lots of travel to find, but with a strong determination we now have a great selection of soft and flexible soled shoes for babies and children, Scandinavian Down Comforters and Pillows and European duvet covers, as well as other products from various countries, mainly Australia, Denmark, Germany and the US.
PinkAndBlueKid's products are chosen and designed with the highest quality in mind, unique and hard to find, yet practical.

PinkAndBlueKid LLC is an US distributor of BabyPaws/PlatyPaws shoes from Australia and Ringsted Dun down comforter and pillows from Denmark.

Renate has 2 children - so she knows what is important for babies and children - and has fun trying out new products, first! Besides managing the business, Renate is a founder of Goethe International Charter School Los Angeles (, which opened its doors in September 2009.

Renate with her husband Stephen and their children Celestina & Luca